Ilford XP2 Super 400 135-36 Film x 20


Never run out of film with a bulk purchase from us.

Ilford XP2 SUPER is a sharp, fast, fine grain black and white film that ensures excellent results, especially when there is a wide subject brightness range. 

It is easy to process, as it is a black and white film which is processed in C41 type processing chemicals, alongside colour negative films. 

Negatives are printed on black and white paper, in the same way as conventional black and white negatives. XP2 SUPER has extremely wide exposure latitude. It can be pushed up to EI 800/30 or pulled to EI 50/18 - so it can be exposed at a setting to suit the job. 

The benefit of a variable speed also provides security against inadvertent over- or underexposure.

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