Hounded provides a toolkit to living an active dog lifestyle.

We are the only dog walking company in Portsmouth to only provide countryside running adventures. 

Our tailored raw feeding subscription package makes raw convenient & fuss free.

Exercise: Nutrition: Education

Hounded sets the standard on dog welfare, our multitude of products and services are aimed at helping you and your hound live their happiest & healthiest life. Certified by PPN & supporters of ICAN we only use force free methods; your hounds wellbeing are our main priority in all that we do.

Hounded EXERCISE: We aim to provide your dog the stimulating and energetic walks he needs for his wellbeing. Running with dogs is a great way to exercise them whilst also giving them that extra bit of mental stimulation or brain-work. For those extra high energy dogs, or for those who love to escape into the great outdoors, running provides the controlled and safe environment for them to unwind. Available in Southsea, Emsworth & Surrounding Areas.

Hounded NUTRITION: Our raw feeding subscription programme ‘Fuel’ makes raw feeding convenient, simple & fun. Delivering a range of premium human grade brands we ensure your dog has a balanced diet with a variety of proteins ensuring they never get bored. Our boxes are delivered weekly packed with main meals, raw treats, and supplements.

Hounded EDUCATION: We are continually developing our learning, internally our staff are monitored and trained ensuring they understand dog body language, appropriate play and how to manage their groups in the best way possible. Megan is currently training through IMDT and will be offering training services helping dogs with behavioural needs. Her wealth of experience around rescues dogs most specifically foreign rescues means she is the go to person for friendly advice & support.

You will find a range of our toys, dried treats & enrichment packages stocked at Hillfield Trading, Castle Road, Southsea.

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