Helping small businesses during COVID-19

At the lunchtime board meeting today it was decided to tell you guys where we are with all this. Obviously aside from the small selection of items we have for sale in #castleroad we are an online business these days. We are taking all the advice and doing things right.

Postal items are perfectly safe even if you buy from the drop shipping side of the website (general store) our t shirts may have a slightly longer lead time as one half of our supplier has been called upon as they work for the mighty and unbelievable NHS. currently the postal system is unaffected for anything under 2kg and everything is ticking along as normal.

So. Why the message? Well the twins thought we should put the cards on the table. Local businesses are going to be hurting because of this. Let’s be honest, it’s only going to get worse for us too. We are very guarded about our financials, but nows the time for people to understand the effect of this sort of thing.
We have not had a single sale in 6 days. On our site, eBay or amazon. Nothing. Nada. Sweet FA. now we get there’s a world of more important things at the moment. But, if we are a snap shot of what’s going on out there at the moment then we all need to spend a little to save a lot of businesses.
We will be downgrading a few sales channels to save costs, but everything will still be available. We will work hard to make things as user friendly as possible though obviously.

Stay safe. Stay clean. 

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