Welcome to 2015 (January 2015) March 16 2016

So 2015...

Why didn't we welcome it in sooner?

Well truth is we haven't stopped yet. There was a brief pause to watch Die Hard on Christmas day but thats about it.
As you may or may not know, its not only the furniture, t shirts and gifts we do (but i'll come back to that in a bit)
I have been working down at Yeovil Town FC for years now. More years than I care to remember to be honest, In fact they were the first supporter of Hillfield when I started it. 

Anyway, we had a pretty important game earlier this month.
Manchester United came to visit for the FA cup. I pulled a long old shift and all the teams pulled together and we managed a capacity crowd, helicopters, police and all the things inbetween.
I managed to take a few photos that you might be half interested in. Maybe...

Less than comfy bed for the night. Although warmer than my Southsea flat!
We had around 120 press come down when normally we deal with 15-20 of them.
Bus geeks rejoice! The team bus that Man Utd use is worth £600,000 
But i am not a fan of football so something a little closer to home.

SHOP Southsea is going from strength to strength, and constantly evolving, Hopefully if you would have all popped in and had a look for yourself by now and know what its about. If you have, thanking you muchly but you need to come back! Its all changed and we now have a whacking great space with more furniture, collectables and clothing than before, and its only going to get better as we pile in more and more stuff.
To the point where Hillfield is now even carrying other peoples stock too!

So to sum up last year was busy but this year, with more retail, new contacts with the waste management arm and some lovely charity partnerships in the pipeline. Its going to be off the scale this year.
Thank you all for being a part of a great year and lets make 2015 even better.
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