Joanna Rose Tidey October 20 2016

Interested in the way in which we try to control the natural world around us for both work and pleasure. From Bombyx Mori silk worms to harvest silk; to domesticating wild animals for pets. Giving them “human” names such as “Lenny” causes us to empathise, forgetting that these animals still have innate wild tendencies. Questioning our actions of domestication, and their implications.

I have been looking into the way we inhabit spaces and how the environments we exist in effect that of nature. We co-exist within a space, they get accidentally contained, struggle to get free from the containers we live.

Domestications to the wild and research come from my interest in science.  Both the creation and manipulation of species (Frankenstein and Victoriana cabinets of curiosities) and the makeup of the universe, creation and recreation of mini worlds/ cultures.

Inspired by science: The Earth’s history, evolution, the origin of life and the solar system.  One being that we are all made up of the same matter which the universe was formed.