Dave T by the sea September 22 2016

We love Instagram.

Its a great way of being introduced to new artists of all types, and we and thousands of other business' like us use it to promote our wares and tell people whats going on with us.

So inevitably some times times paths will cross and you will meet an online legend (not like that). 

Dave T by the sea is one of those Instagram photographers which we have always liked, to be honest I think it was the third time of him coming into the shop before I realised he was the face behind the images. But now we stock some of his work and I could not be happier! Here's what he has to say for himself on why he does what he does, and you can read the Strong Island Created Local article on him HERE

I am a photographer who lives in the seaside town of Southsea. I was classically trained at university through the medium of film. Now I predominately shoot digitally. I shoot with a Canon high end DSLR and a wide angled prime lens which helps me gather a lot of information within the frame.

I am fascinated photographically by the seaside town of Southsea, there is so much to offer in terms of landmarks and opportunities to photograph. Colour plays a major part within my work. My major research part of my degree evolved around the birth of colour photography.

Many of my photos hopefully do justice to this town of which we are living in. I don’t crop my photos due to the fact that everything should be in the frame for a reason

 Instagram; davetbythesea 

Twitter; davetbythesea 

Website; davetbythesea.co.uk