Hillfield Trading Traders

Rescue & Revive October 20 2017

By upcycling, reusing & recycling Rescue and Revive take unwanted items and transform them into new desirable objects ready to be loved again.


The Barbership Range November 04 2016

A no nonsense complete male grooming range; the range covers everything from cleanse through to beard care, shaving, and styling products.

Paul Watt Photographer October 20 2016

Based in Southsea, Hampshire which gives me easy access to the ocean and all the other varied and interesting locations in the area. In fact my favourite subject is only 15 minutes walk away from my front door. This makes the early morning shoots a lot easier!

I love the challenge of landscape photography, unlike taking photographs in a studio you can't control the ambient lighting conditions - I just have to work with whatever Mother Nature has given me that day. This makes for lots of cold and early mornings but it's worth it and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Whether I'm taking landscape photographs, portraits in the studio or at a wedding, I show my subject in the most flattering way possible whilst sharing my vision simultaneously. 

Oh Ding Dong Clothing October 20 2016

Hand made accessories that will have others going 'Ding dong'!


Joanna Rose Tidey October 20 2016

Interested in the way in which we try to control the natural world around us for both work and pleasure. From Bombyx Mori silk worms to harvest silk; to domesticating wild animals for pets. Giving them “human” names such as “Lenny” causes us to empathise, forgetting that these animals still have innate wild tendencies. Questioning our actions of domestication, and their implications.

I have been looking into the way we inhabit spaces and how the environments we exist in effect that of nature. We co-exist within a space, they get accidentally contained, struggle to get free from the containers we live.

Domestications to the wild and research come from my interest in science.  Both the creation and manipulation of species (Frankenstein and Victoriana cabinets of curiosities) and the makeup of the universe, creation and recreation of mini worlds/ cultures.

Inspired by science: The Earth’s history, evolution, the origin of life and the solar system.  One being that we are all made up of the same matter which the universe was formed.

Mia Mai October 20 2016

In recent years illustration has become the back bone of Mia Mai, Ami has developed an iconic and easily recognisable style largely based around wide eyed curvaceous females; a mix of pin-up and tattoo flash with a certain je ne said quoi.

Ami welcomes illustration commissions including logo design, pin up portraits, wedding stationary artwork, commissions for magazines, hand drawn cards, bespoke artwork and tattoo designs.

Alex Lombardi Photography October 20 2016

More info coming soon!

GRITT Artist October 20 2016

'GRITT' illustrations Inspired by old horror films, tribes and cults, mixed with a blissful atmosphere. something uplifting is dragging your sprit away.


Facebook: GRITT


Chris Williams Bespoke Framing October 20 2016

Bespoke hand made frames to your specifications.

His primary services are picture and object framing. I produce beautiful frame packages using quality materials that enhance and protect your artwork.

I graduated University in 1998 with a Master's degree in Fine Art and as such can assure you that I understand how important it is that the design of a frame package is absolutely right. It is imperative that you, the client, are completely happy with the frame package I am going to make, and that you have been fully involved in every decision. I will offer expert advice on the various materials available and their appropriateness to the job. I will advise on colour, scale and style while helping the client to understand the different levels of conservation.

Framing options vary depending on the level of protection you require. There are five recognised levels of framing. 


Museum - The ultimate protection for your artwork.

Conservation - Helping preserve your artwork for future generations.

Commended - Guarantees a degree of protection, with design playing an important part.

Budget - Visually pleasing, but offering no long-term protection and

Minimum - Putting economy first.



Pie & HIFI October 20 2016

Info coming soon!