Radio Victory Story August 05 2014

Forgive me if I place my memory here, but mine is of Radio Victory. For two things does that station stand out to me; the first being its part in apparently developing underwater radio for the divers working on the Mary Rose before it was brought to the surface, and the other being the award winning 'track torque' programme that fuelled my nascent interest in motor racing that is still alive today. In many ways Victory was awful, combining the worst of haircuts with the typical banality of the local 'DJ.' But track torque was a gem. Hosted by a bloke called Rob Widdows and produced by his sidekick from Bognor Regis called Mike Earle, the guests were the great and good of motor sport. Of course, as a kid how was I to know who Widdows and Earle were, or indeed how could I predict what they would go on to do. But of an evening I'd revel in the insights given by people such as Gordon Murray, and my own all time favourite F1 driver John Watson. Track Torque won awards, it deserved to, because it was just utterly brilliant, and all done from a little building in Pompey . . . as for Widdows, well he started the Goodwood festivals with the Earl of March and is now with Motorsport Magazine. Earle went back to Formula 1 with his own Onyx team, and latterly into the British Touring Car Championship. And me? well with the right luck, money and training, I'd still have been rubbish.


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